Pantai Surfaces is the newest division of Pantai Granite - A very well known and respected Miami based, slab gallery and countertop store, with over 20 years of wholesale and retail experience distributing natural stones. We are a modern-day décor brand specializing in timeless pieces made of high quality natural stones. Our passion for natural stones and all beauty they possess started long ago, in Brazil given how eco-friendly they are and for its uniqueness, durability and elegance. Nowadays, Pantai Granite sells exotic natural stones from all over the world spreading the value, beauty and uniqueness a marble, granite or quartzite countertop can bring to ones’ home.


Pantai Surfaces was launched in 2020 from an eye-opening realization. While on a business trip, visiting natural stone quarries in Brazil and being surrounded by Granite and Marble all day, we found our inspiration in discovering very unique ways natural stones can be utilized. Seeing a 70 square-foot slab being transformed into a dining table, a pasty tray, or even an artistic sculpture, opened up our desire to come up with our very own art made of natural stones.


Our goal is to create timeless, special and beautiful decor pieces and accessories bringing unique art, crafted from mother nature to your home and office spaces. 

Why Natural Stone?

- Durability

- Beauty

- Eco-Friendly

- Elegance